B’villeans celebrate

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 MORE than 500 Bougainvilleans residing in Lae converged at the Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium to celebrate the Bougainville autonomy day.

The day was celebrated to remember the historic event in 2005 by the PNG Government to grant Bougainville autonomous status.

It was well attended by Bougainvilleans living in the city, their friends, supporters of Bougainville and corporate friends.

Lae Bougainville community chairman Chris Kobal said the three important reasons for their celebrations were:

l Remember their identity as Bougainvilleans – unique and free;

l Reflect on the achievement of the past and remember the people and the events that have paved the way for them to enjoy the freedom of movement and expression today; and

l Show appreciation for their life in Lae and Morobe as a whole and to remind themselves that they were guests of the Morobe people by showing respect for the people of Morobe through orderly manner.

Kobal told the crowd that the day was also an occasion when they got to see each other again, gathered in one location and mingled freely, renewed old relationships and meet new people.

He said for the first time they had included two sporting events to go with the traditional dances.