Baby animals part of attraction at park

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The National, Friday 25th of January, 2013

VISITORS to the Port Moresby Adventure Park at 14-Mile can now pat baby goats and lambs, cuddle guinea pigs and ducklings and get close to the piglets, chickens and calves.
Park manager Kori Mon confirmed that visitors would also be allowed to feed farm yard animals for just K2 per bag of feed.
The attraction is located at the park’s entrance and joins other great features in the park which include the waterslides, paddleboats, wildlife encounters and fishing experiences.
“It is now home to over 100 farm yard friends and offers a unique experience to residents and tourists.
“The animals are hand raised on site and trained for visitor interaction.”
PNG Gardener corporate manager Jacque Ware said Adventure Park was all about experiences.
“It is a safe family, friendly recreational park that offers all day fun for residents, tourists and school excursions. 
“This new attraction is just one of many coming to the park as it expands into a modern edutainment attraction,” Ware said.
It began operation 18 months ago, recording more than 70,000 visitors enjoying its attractions.

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