Back to school, back to Theodist


Parents and students have started school shopping with Theodist to avoid the last-minute rush.
“Theodist provides all stationery needs for my children so I don’t have to make two or more trips in one day,” said Rossa Kiwai, who was doing back-to-school shopping for her children.
Theodist Stationery Supermarket in Waigani opened its doors to families doing back-to-school shopping last Saturday.
“I have done uniform shopping for them and we are going through stationery now so they can be well equipped before school starts,” Kiwai said.
She said all her five children were attending school this year, so she was hoping to at least buy necessary items for them.
Two of her elder sons, Ali and Matthew, will both be attending tertiary institutions.
Her younger son Kevin continues grade 10 at St Charles lwanga.
Miriam, the youngest of the Kiwai children, will be doing grade 6 at Waigani Primary School this year.
Ronald Paso, who will be doing grade 8 at Morata Primary School, was also there to do his stationery shopping with his dad.
“I am excited about school and am looking forward to start the academic year,” he said.
“My dad has already bought me the stationery I need.”
Naveen Rongda, who will start prep school this year, is excited to go shopping with her parents. When asked if she was excited, she just nodded a simple “yes”.
“I teach at St Joseph’s International College,” said Margaret Rongda, Naveen’s mother.
“Naveen will be attending prep school there, just so I can keep an eye on her.”
Josephine Douna, one of the staff at hand to help customers shop, said it was usually busy around this time of the year at Theodist because of the variety of stationery supplied and security provided.
Theodist is the country’s largest retailer and supplier of office products, surveying tools, computers and equipment for business, education.