Back up claims with facts, O’Neill says

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday confirmed that Australian Federal Police and Interpol were involved in investigations against several high-profile and ordinary Papua New Guineans involved in money laundering.

“A lot of individuals, not only leaders but ordinary Papua New Guineans as well, somehow have got unexplained large sums of money travelling between their accounts and this is of interest to our nation,” O’Neill told a media conference.

“One thing I want to assure you is that we are getting to the bottom of this.

“Members of the Australian Federal Police are not only assisting in this case, but they are assisting in all the other cases.

“I want to assure you that because of this assistance, there will be further arrests made very soon.”

O’Neill called on the Opposition to back up its allegations with facts.

He was responding to an avalanche of criticisms by Opposition Leader Belden Namah.

“I know what the opposition leader has been criticising because he’s got nothing better to talk about,” O’Neill said.

“He’s got no policies to talk about.”

He added that Namah had nothing to be proud of after 14 months as opposition leader.