Backbenchers invited to form government in August

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The National – Monday, June 27, 2011

THE opposition has called on all government backbenchers to team up with it to change the National Alliance go­vernment in the August session.
Speaking during a media conference after parliament was adjourned last Friday, the opposition called on the members “to come to their senses and make a move and not be used by a group of kitchen cabinet”.
“All government backbenchers need to join the opposition to change this government in the August session,” the opposition spokesman said.
“You have been marginalised by individuals within the government ranks far too long and have to prove that we are mandated leaders and have the same kind of respect from our people.
“We should not be manipulated and over-controlled by individuals who think they are supe­rior.
“We should not allow individuals to hold this nation at ransom, controlling everything, including government, by pulling the strings from behind,” they said.
They said if the backbenchers had to use their conscience and think what their future of retaining their seats was if they remained with a government that had done too much damage contrary to the constitution.
They said that the opposition was ready to work with the backbenchers to form a new government that had a heart for the people and do things according to parliamentary democracy and in accordance with the constitution and the goals and directive principles.
They said repeated adjournment of parliament showed the government’s inability to address issues affecting the nation.