Bad Lae roads make workers late


TODAY marks the fourth week that I have been going late to work since I moved from Kamkumung to Tent-City, in Lae, because I am now living far from where I work at Main Wharf.
I am up by 5.30am, get ready and by 6.45am I am at the bus stop waiting to catch the bus, but there is no bus.
It took me a week to find out why.
Most of the buses on that 13E route are currently contracted to companies to do pick-ups and drop-offs of employees. This has been going on since the beginning of the year because the roads are in very bad state.
Why is it taking Lae City Authority so long to fix the road from China Town to Malahang bus stop?
I can’t understand.
The buses that are able to run the 13E route take nearly 40 minutes to get to Town and another hour to get to the market.
Returning to point A to pick up the rest of the passengers takes like another hour because of the gigantic craters on the road that cause traffic jams.
I tried walking from Tent-City to Unitech 2nd Gate to catch a bus from there. That was OK but again a crater at Kamkumung bus stop
held up traffic and I was still late to work.
The Lae City Authority should fix all the roads and where necessary increase them from two lanes to four.
The taxpayers are suffering. That, at least, should be a good enough reason to do something.

Check Mate