Bad road condition affecting oil palm business


UNTIL recently, I experienced difficulty with poor road accessibility to cartage my fresh (oil palm) fruit bunches to the mill which led to my truck break down.
I asked other truck owners to assist on hire basis but they declined due to poor road drainages and access.
I wonder if the industry and oil palm is really a crop to alleviate poverty and aid my life dreams and survival.
In fact, I have devoted 28 plus years to this oil palm business.
For every tonne we make from our hard earned work and labour, a certain percentage in monetary value is removed from every harvest and put into OPIC, OPRA and Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association (HOPGA).
To this day, I have not seen anyone of these institutions visiting my block or talk to me about my needs.
But they want me to attend to their field days despite them having 24 hour access to expensive landcruisers and troopers etc. And yet they don’t attend to me individually.
The only help I got was from NBPOL smallholders affairs.
What’s happening to the organisation that received money from my fresh fruit bunches’ tonnages?
Have they all fallen in a hole or bottom less pit? Have they not they have the responsibilities to attend to us the simple grower’s issues?
LSS, VOPs and larger grower’s roads access have deteriorated and long gone. OPIC has no plant and machineries?
Yet OPIC Port Moresby’s office has close to 10 vehicles etc.
The law and order is eminent and is on the rise and Gods knows what will happen next?
Please responsible people, do something please.

Joseph Kavon Warku
Palm Oil Grower, Kimbe

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