Bad road conditions affect businesses in Madang: Chamber


THE bad road conditions in Madang is affecting businesses, says the Madang chamber of commerce and Industry. Chamber president Kevin Murray said road conditions in Madang town had not been upgraded for up to six years. “I know that this is a problem in many parts of PNG. At times, the situation here is bad as it is in other parts of the country,” he said. “The condition of the roads (not only) discourages business activity in Madang, (but also) damages vehicles especially public transport which are trying to make some money. “They always continue to repair their vehicles from the damage caused by these roads.” Murray pointed out the poor condition of the Modilon Road. “There should be at least five pedestrian crossings,” he said. “As it is now, only one of the pedestrian crossings we have is visible. “The people are using the road to walk, (risking their lives) trying to cross the road because there is no pedestrian crossing. “It’s dangerous to use the roads.” The other danger is the large potholes along the roads. “Drivers are trying to dodge potholes and often veer onto the wrong side of the road (causing) accidents.” But Murray said even though Madang had its problems, the town was still beautiful and the people loved to make tourists welcome.