Bad roads and lack of electricity keeping rural people of upper Gadsup isolated and suffering


THE upper Gadsup area of Obura Wonenara, in Eastern Highlands, is missing two vital services – good roads and electricity.
Local MP Merrah Minnie Kipefa has helped start work on sections of Baitanabura which will eventually go down to Omaura Bible College, but there is a long delay in the upgrade of the road from Baitanabura to Omaura, for the first phase.
The provincial government should help fund this project with CIC, under the PPAP, as this road links more than 25,000 small coffee growers and alluvial miners.
The Bible College needs to be paid more attention because it is planning to include nursing in courses in the coming years and the Papua New Guinea government should recognise this church contribution towards national policies such as the country’s Vision 2050 goals.
Bible College graduates serve in remote areas where they help shape communities spiritually, mentally, socially and physically.
Lastly, the Upper Gadsup people have ancestral rights to electricity produced by their water. While everyone else is benefitting from it, the resource owners are missing out, when it is right there at their doorstep.

Rickson Ganao

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