Bad roads are signs of poor leadership

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 03rd April 2013

 PORT Moresby cannot be called a city at all.

In fact, it is a small town by international standards. 

In my view, it could be easily developed into a vibrant and modern capital in less than 10 years if there were focused and innovative planning, designing and developments.

PNG is a resource-rich country and its capital city must be built to reflect and showcase the country’s many cultures. 

The fundamental infrastructure development priority that city planners and authorities should focus on is the development of a quality and compatible road network system.

Port Moresby’s road conditions are among the worst in the world.

It is sickening to see endless potholes in the city’s roads.

Can the government intervene and assist the NCDC to address the road issue or simply do away with NCDC and give the function of road development and management to the PNGDF engineering battalion?

You cannot conduct business in Port Moresby when roads are in such deplorable conditions.

If the roads in Port Moresby cannot be managed efficiently, it speaks volumes of a much deeper national problem.

The nation’s only hope is the prime minister. 

He has so far demonstrated decisive and exemplary leadership and I urge him to look into 

this particular issue.


K Koya