Bad security measures attributed to jail break

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THE contributing factors to the biggest Buimo Jail breakout by 73 remandees and convicts, were security infrastructure, limited manpower, limited cell space and prolonged court proceedings.
Buimo jail commander Samson Jaro, who was assaulted during the breakout, spoke out yesterday telling the Government that the issues were pertinent and should be addressed for the good of the Correctional Service institutions and the public.
“The Government should look at improving prisons, as our problems here at Buimo is killing my officers,” Mr Jaro said.
He also revealed that with 56 active warders looking after 600 prisoners, it was not a good picture as the previous ratio was 1:5 prisoners.
On security infrastructure, he said, the current six-foot cyclone wire was “poor security by
today’s standards”.
He also warned that the development of the LNG project which, despite being of “immense economical benefit”, would also cause the law and order problems to triple.
So far, five of the escapees had been shot dead and three recaptured.