Badili Hardware and global pain company launch product


BADILI Hardware has partnered with global paint company PPG in order to meet the growing industrial demand in Papua New Guinea.
A product launch was held yesterday to mark this.
The launch was to inform clients of paint products and their applications across a range of industries, said Badili Hardware resident director Sri Bala.
“In terms of the products we sell, we are always conscious of quality and the relevant materials which are applicable to Papua New Guinea conditions,” he said.
“We have identified PPG as one of the premier suppliers in the range of asset protection paints.
“They are an American company which has been in existence for more than 150 years and their name is very well known internationally.
“Instance of damage can be minimised through protection and treatment of surface steel as well as cladding steel with industrial paint from PPG. This will protect your investments be it warehouses, sheds, shops and most forms of commercial buildings.”
Bala said the other range Badili would offer through PPG would be maritime coatings, which were needed in a maritime nation like PNG.
“There are a lot of maritime vessels and also for inland rivers as well,” he said.
“The paints from PPG extend the lifetime of the vessel, resulting in better operations and vessel capacity.”