Bagpipes band still the pride of Lae

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Words and picture by OSEAH PHILEMON

THEIR baseball hats which they wear with their old worn-out army uniforms identify them as “Secret Service”.
Proudly they stand with their set of old army bagpipes which would have been blown many more times than the pipers themselves could have ever counted in their service years.
The Lae Ex-Servicemen’s pipes and drums band is the pride of the city.
At every public occasion, they are there to provide the popular Scottish bagpipe tunes which have always been enjoyed by the public everywhere they have sounded.
At the start of the legal year in Lae this week, the band was commended by Justice Nicholas
Kirriwom for having uniforms – a change the judge noted from the year before.
The band led the procession of the legal year from the Lae courthouse to the nearby All Souls Anglican Church for the opening service conducted by Father Allan Awai, the resident pastor of the All Souls parish.
Pictured is bagpiper Himson Kaminiel in marching tune as he and the rest of his band members lead the procession to the church.