Baha’i group launches website

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

A RELIGION established in PNG in the 1950s has launched its website which focuses on community building activities.
“The website tells the people about the faith, about who we are and what we do,” member Confucius Ikorere said during the launching in Port Moresby on Sunday.
Ikorere said the four main activities were:

  • Regular gathering of Baha’is and their friendship of prayers in the neighbourhood and villages;
  • The spiritual education of young children;
  • A special programme for the spiritual empowerment of older children between the age of 12 and 14; and,
  • An informal educational programme for youths and adults who engage in studying the holy writings and consulting on the application and implication upon their lives.

“The website presented information on five main theme which are insight of Baha’i life, education, House of worship and the history of the faith in PNG,” Ikorere said.