Bai backs plan for juniors

Normal, Sports

PNG’s top ambassador of rugby league Marcus Bai is calling on the Papua New Guineans to join and support the PNGNRL Bid.
He said regardless of any misunderstandings with local league administrators that mught arise because of the move by the PNGNRL Bid team, it was for the future good of rugby league in PNG.
Bai joined the NRL Bid as an ambassador to deliver a series of community development and talent opportunity programmes around the nation.
The focus would now be on the junior development  and he was willing to come to back to the country and help young Papua New Guineans experience what he went through.
“I am willing to come back to PNG as a talent scout as part of the bid travel to the four regions and talk to the children on the right professional attitude and how it can change you  in sports and every aspect of life,”  Bai said.
He added that there was vast talent in the rural areas and because youths there could benefit greatly from being a part of the bid’s development plans.
Bai gave his full support and said he would be backing the move that Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare had come up.
“PNG cannot go anywhere and the NRL bid team is making  junior rugby league a priority because it is the starting point of everything,” he said.
 “PNG boys have skills and talent, but don’t have the stamina and discipline and the attitude  which are key aspects of competing as a professional sports man,” Bai said.
He said that children had to be taught early about the positive benefits of playing rugby league and this was one reason why the bid was focused on assisting juniors.
Bai called on parents fully back this development drive by the team because it was an investment for the future.
“If the parents teach good discipline to their children it will show in sports and any walk of life.
“Sports like rugby league can contribute to the development of youth in the country by instilling good attitudes,” Bai said.