Bail hearing postponed

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THE Sanctuary Hotel operations manager Jamie Pang’s bail application hearing yesterday was postponed by the Boroko district court.
Magistrate Gary Unjo said he would tomorrow make a ruling on one of the 11 charges that Pang had pleaded guilty to and his bail application.
Pang, who appeared from police custody, was represented by Ficco and Nutley lawyers who made submissions that the court grant him a one-day bail to seek medical treatment.
Unjo said he would make a ruling on one of the charges that Pang pleaded guilty to last week and decide on his bail application at the same time.
“Police can organise Pang to seek medical treatment but remain in custody,” he added.
The prosecution also objected to Pang’s bail application, saying that there was no evidence of medical reports to prove that he was sick.
“During his arrest, he was caught red-handed with methamphetamine processing chemicals,” the prosecutor added.
“If he is released on bail, he can conceal some evidence.”
Pang, 43, from Sydney, was arrested at about 6.30am on Nov 16 and charged with six counts of being in possession of firearms and five counts of being in possession of live ammunitions under the Firearms Act.
He pleaded guilty to all the charges on his first appearance. His submissions for sentencing is tomorrow.

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