Baining people want business benefits from mine

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BAINING landowners want assurance from the Sinivit gold mine operator that spin off business activities must go to them first.
Uramot Landowner Company chairman Eric Doman made the call in Kokopo last Friday when he received a K32,000 cheque from SWT Limited managing director Eremas Wartoto.
The money is part of the commission payment by SWT to Uramot for hiring four of its heavy duty machines contracted to Niugini Gold Limited and used at the mine site.
Mr Doman thanked SWT and other stakeholders, who have been supporting the landowner company under the memorandum of agreement for its joint venture operations.
He said the resource owners must be given first preference when giving out small business activities to support the mine.
Uramot managing director Nakikus Konga called on Niugini Gold Limited and stakeholders such as the Mineral Resources Authority, the national and provincial governments to spell out their sustainable programmes after the mine’s closure.
“The resource owners, particularly the landowners through their company, must be prepared to go into sustainable activities like agriculture and fresh food production after the life span of the mine,” he said.
Mr Wartoto said his company was privileged to be partners in the development process of the Sinivit gold mine and was pleased that Uramot had been selective in nominating locally-owned companies to be part of its joint venture operation with Niugini Gold Limited.
He, however, expressed concern over the engagement of overseas companies in small sub-contracting jobs at the mine, saying there were experienced people of ENB who could perform the same jobs.