Bainings see a light shining


FUTURE generations of Marmartage people in the Inland Baining local level government (LLG) of Gazelle district in East New Britain will better interact with the outside world through education.
A church group, Flaming Evangelistic Ministry saw the need of the people in the area and established a school which is already catering for children today and continue into the future.
People from Marmartage have lacked basic government services such as health, roads, bridges and most importantly education.
For many years children from the area walked for kilometres to Gaulim Demonstration Primary School to attend classes. Others walked for more than an hour to Kadaulung Primary School which is also far from their area.
The Marmartages belong to the Qaqet land of Baining. And the Bainings are always described by others as the “back page” of the province.
But today this description will no longer hold true for Marmartage people as their hardships in finding relevant education for their children will end as they have their own school which is a historic milestone to all the Bainings.
Their way of living will not be the same again.
The communities of Marmartage have changed both in the spiritual and physical senses.
The founder and director of the Flaming Evangelistic Ministry senior pastor Amen Ulaias gave a brief history of Flaming Evangelistic Ministry together with the Flaming Evangelistic Ministry Academy in an interview on Nov 26 last year.
Flaming Ministry is a registered ministry in ENB and Papua New Guinea. Its purpose is to unite all Christians from different denominations as one in the Body of Christ.
The Ministry’s vision is Rebuilding the Body of Christ (Nehemiah 3:1-32) and their mission are to take the message of salvation, healing and deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ to lost souls.
Flaming Evangelistic Ministry goals are to:

  • Reach out to the lost and introduce them to a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Ensure unity among the Body of Christ.
  • Demonstrate God’s miraculous healing power and
  • Equip saints for the present move of God.

“We minister like in the five-fold ministries, and music. We also host pastors’ training, evangelising, church planting and we also have one school that is a Christian academy which we call Flaming Evangelistic Ministry Academy.”
Ulaias says that the ministry has 42 pastors and 15 worship centres through which they are currently ministering the word of God to the people of Bainings, ENB and PNG as a whole.
In June this year the evangelistic ministry will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Left to right: FEM founder and director Ps Amen Ulaias, Waninara Ulaias (FEM chairman), Philip Pepen (FEM Academy administrator) and Laniet Philip (FEM Academy principal).

Ulaias furthermore stated that Flaming Ministry was not formed because of problems or by chance or by accident but its formation was the fulfilment of prophecy by a man of God in 1966.
“In the year 1966 the Spirit of God moved and touched a United Church pastor who is also from Marmartage and the message revealed to him in the Uramet dialect (Baining vernacular) was: “Vas mugas da vur mat ma Ngamuqa a Lotu rhe (There will be one time in future when the Church of God will break away but will grow).
“The name of this pastor is Ulaias Qararaklange, who is my father,” Ulaias said.
In 1999 which was 33 years after that prophecy, Ulaias was employed by one of the logging companies and in September, he returned home after work. But on that very day Ulaias did not feel very well he was feeling sick and while he was standing he fell on the ground and became unconscious. His family later found out that he was already dead.
Ulaias recalled that after 15 minutes he came to life again and from that time he has changed. He then formed and established Flaming Evangelistic Ministry which was duly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority under the Associations Act in February 2017.
Under ministry the academy was also established in 2017 and on Nov 26 last year, the school was officially launched.
The main aim of establishing FEM Academy was to give an education to the children and teach good life skills and the word of God. Hence the school motto: For Godly Education.
FEM Academy is actually not a school belonging to Accelerated Christian Education (Ace) system but a church-run school using the ACE programme which is called the school of tomorrow.
During the launching of the FEM Academy Joyce Crotts of the Baptist Church in Kokopo who has worked very hard to train 10 people from the area to teach the ACE programmes at the FEM Academy said, Ace is a system of learning that was started 50 years ago by educators Dr Donald and Esther Howard.
“The Howards looked at the education needs of their own children, especially one of their sons with learning difficulties and realised that the conventional system of education was not meeting those needs.”
Crotts explained that, the Howards were Godly people who had Christ at the centre of their lives and they honoured his word as the final authority on how they lived.
These things being true, they developed a system for educating children based on these principles.
Accelerated education means that the five laws of learning govern the learning process and one of those laws is that learning must done in bite-sized achievable goals. It is step-by-step learning from self-instructional booklets called paces.
Once one of these is mastered the student may go on to the next. And each child is treated as an individual with different interests and abilities. Some children learn faster than others, so the quick learners in any given subject must not be held back by the slower learners and the slower learners must not be shamed by those who learn faster.
Christian means that the objective is that every child comes to personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and becomes His disciple.
It has been said, “Our goal is not to make graduates but to make disciples.”
Education means learning how to live. It is learning how to gain and use knowledge to the glory of God.
While giving the brief history of Ace-run schools Crotts thanked the FEM Academy administration for coming this far.
“Students, let me encourage you to take every advantage of this opportunity. Appreciate the hard work and sacrifice many have made to make this possible for you.
“And remember, your goals as you sit in your student office each day, is to learn what is on the page before you. Do your daily goals, meditate on the Bible lessons, and fear the Lord. It is the road to true success and that is what I wish for you all,” Crotts told the students.
Representatives from ENB education division, the Inland Baining LLG officials and other people from all over Bainings were there to witness the launching of the FEM Academy.

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