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Community Development and Religion secretary Anna Bais has condemned the attack of the 36-year-old mother of one in Hela who was accused of practicing sorcery.
Bais, while responding to questions from The National, said: “It was with great sadness that we read about yet another innocent young woman’s fate due to mere suspicion and if it’s true that any form of violence against women in Hela is against Hela culture and is deemed ‘abnormal’ according to the Governor Philip Undialu who also condemned the torture.
“We join Undialu in standing to end all forms of violence against women in the country.”
Bais said violence against women was a violation of human rights and PNG was a signatory to a number of international human rights treaties and conventions such as the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women which, specifically protects the human rights of women.
“It is in this context that we ensure we respond to this type of violence and as much as possible to prevent and ensure that such inhuman treatment is stopped in all parts of PNG at all levels,” she said.
“This is because the impact of such violence ranges from immediate to long-term multiple negative effects such as physical, mental and even death.
“Violence against women and girls is a hidden global pandemic which knows no geographical boundaries, culture or race.
“We must all take part in addressing any form of violence and report to authorities immediately.
“Let’s act now and save lives.
“Let’s value someone when they are alive and give them the full respect and freedom of life rather than to let them die violently, thus, causing pain and suffering in our communities.”

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  • This is problem in Hela is acute, Laws of this nation is Crippled, paralysised & chronic; the long term solution for the problems of today is Grace, what the LAW could not do, Grace came for deliverance, healing, & free from all form of attacks in our lives. God gave us those Laws, according to His divine plan could not work effectively as planned, so send Christ i kam bilong fix the problem of men today,… this Nation needs to turn to the Creator where the GRACE is available…..

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