Baisu prisoners repent

Faith, Normal


THIRTY-five detainees at Baisu jail in Western Highlands province surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ during a four-day revival hosted by Papua New Guinea Bible church last week.
The detainees, including three women, committed various crimes like, murders, stealing and possession of dangerous drugs.
Evangelist Pr Besol Lapa and 11 other pastors took the initative to convert the detainees.
The pastors visited the detainees and regularly shared the word of God that made the detainees to change their lives.
“Other churches come with gifts like foods, bibles and other presents to make you all happy but we come here to give you a new life,” Pr Lapa said.
He told the detainees that when accepting Christ, they would live a happy life.
Pr Lapa urged other detainees and Correctional Service officers to give their lives to God in order to live a good live and refrain from engaging in illegal activities.
He said that for the prison to allow different churches to come in and share the word of God would help the detainees and prison officers to become better citizens.
Pr Lapa urged prisoners to keep away from doing evil things, adding that “once you surrender to Jesus Christ, do not think of going back and doing evil things”.
Welfare services manageress Chief Insp Sabina Roika said it was a privilege for them to have pastors coming into the jail and share the word of God with the prisoners.
Mrs Roika told the detainees that when they  surrender their lives to Christ was more sensational and better than continuously living in dark world.
She urges detainees to keep away from going back to old evil ways.
Baisu jail officers also thanked Pr Lapa and pastors for visiting the detainees and converting them.
He urged other churches to do the same, adding that it was not the sole responsibility of the prison officers to change the lives of the prisoners.
He said the other stakeholders must be involved in the rehabilitation of the prisoners.