Baisu warders against strike calls

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BAISU warders in Mt Hagen will not support any calls for strike action following the mass Bomana jail breakout in Port Moresby on Sept 27.
The breakout was partly  blamed on a shortage of  guard, which some claimed were due to non-payments.
Baisu prison commander Chief Supt Simon Sobaim highlighted this during a parade of his officers.
During the parade, Supt Sobaim also announced security arrangements for the coming Christmas and New Year period to prevent any attempts of a jailbreak.
He said Baisu had its own problems and would not take part in any call for strike action.
However, he said their internal problems would not stop them from maintaining security in the jail.
“We experienced mass breakouts too and we had been rated one of the poorest jails compared to the other prisons.
“But since I took over command early this year, there have been improvements and there have been no escape attempts,” he said. 
Supt Sobaim urged other prisons in the Highlands region not to take part in any industrial dispute in relation to overtime claims and other issues associated with the Bomana breakout.
He said the Correctional Service hierarchy should be given time to find money to pay overtime claims by prison staff.
Supt Sobaim, who is a former unionist, said that illegal protests were not lawful and those involved could be punished by the CS Commissioner.
“There is a correct process to be followed to address issues by negotiation between the union and the management. It is better to discuss and arrive at an amicable solution rather than have confrontation,” he said.
Supt Sobaim said the main duty of prisons were to restrain and rehabilitate offenders to give them a chance to change and not reoffend.