Baiyer candidate urges EC to conduct one day polling

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 A CANDIDATE contesting a council ward seat in Baiyer, Western Highlands, has requested the Electoral Commission to conduct only one-day polling to avoid trouble.

David Kerowa, contesting the Tapikama council ward one in the Baiyer local level government said places such as Baiyer were well-known for tribal fights. 

He said if extra days for polling were allowed, supporters of candidates for the president’s seat would come from other polling stations to intimidate, harass and threaten voters.

“I hope that this election will be peaceful,” Kerowa said.\

“But we must avoid areas that can cause problems so that polling can take place peacefully.

“Places like Baiyer, and also other centers and areas in the country, there are some people who like to use their bully ingtactics to get something and that leads to problems.” 

“In my area I know that there might be some hiccups if extra days are given for polling. 

“My appeal to the Electoral Commission is to allow one day polling so people can be stationed at their own polling places without sticking their nose into other people’s business.”

Kerowa claimed that said some candidates were pumping in huge sums of money and wasting a lot of resources.