Baiyer roads not fit for vehicles, says contractor

National, Normal

The National, Monday 15th April, 2013


A BUSINESSMAN in Western Highlands says the road condition in the Mul-Baiyer district is unsafe for vehicles to use.

As a contractor who builds and maintains roads in the highland provinces, Eagle Construction owner William Naginel said the people would suffer if nothing was done to repair the roads.

“I have travelled along these roads and the condition is worsening,” he said.

“Compared to roads leading to Lumusa and Ruti, Baiyer’s are unfit for vehicles to use.”

He said former MP Sani Rambi had focused his attention on having good roads and that was why the road from Notre Dame Secondary School to Paiya bridge was sealed. The road leading to Ruti and Lumusa was also upgraded.

“This is what should be done and I call on (current MP Koi) Trappe to follow what Rambi had been doing,” he said.

“Road is the key and it links people to all forms of services.”

Naginel urged Trappe to identify his priority areas such as better roads and fund them.

“I own a vehicle and it will make it easy for me to travel with my families. But what about those people who depend on a PMV?” he said.

“PMV owners cannot risk their vehicle to travel on that poor road condition.”

Naginel said this could lead to more road accidents or even force PMVs to withdraw their services.