Baker’s gang at large

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WANTED criminal Tommy Baker and his gang have been at large in Milne Bay since the arrival of police reinforcement from Port Moresby, says Milne Bay police commander Supt Peter Barkie.
“They escaped out of Alotau town. But they always do that.
“And when the reinforcement returns to Port Moresby, the gang will return to continue their criminal activities in town,” he said.
Barkie said the 40 policemen from Port Moresby were to assist the local police in looking for the thugs.
“The gang had clashed with police in a nine-hour gun battle resulting in the burning down of the IPI police barracks,” he said.
“It started at about 8pm on Thursday when police responded to reports of a wanted criminal staying at a house at the Niugini settlement in town.
“On arrival, police faced gun fire from the gang.
“That’s when the gun battle started”.
Supt Barkie said that police were outnumbered.
“The gang then went on an indiscriminate attack on residents and business houses.
“They were after different targets simultaneously which made it hard for us to protect the public.
“We were not able to be everywhere at the same time.
“As a result, our IPI police barracks was burnt down and 13 families displaced.
“The families are at the police station.”
The first gun battle with police was on March 18.

One thought on “Baker’s gang at large

  • I think that It will be a good idea for the PNG government to impose the death penalty?

    It will definitely sound alarm bells to those people who are on the opposite side of society.

    Due to the rise in criminal activities happening around the country, like here in Alotau, the death penalty will be good. If the law finds somebody who has committed a minor crime to be less, I don’t think that person should be given a chance just give them the death penalty instead.

    If its rape, death penalty also, if its stealing, death penalty, if its hold up, looting, petty crimes, just give death penalty because we, PNG people don’t want to listen to simple instructions like wearing the COVID19 mask.

    Yes, I will fully agree with death penalty, implement it, PM!!

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