Baki’s integrity at stake

Letters, Normal

THE integrity of the police force is at stake and Commissioner Gari Baki is to be blamed for this.
He has not been firm on issues of national security because he seems to fear his masters than doing what his hard working commanders are currently doing.
One cannot understand why he has cut down the scale of operation to recapture the Bomana escapees.
Now, as reported by the two dailies, last Thursday, he has forced the detectives who were interrogating William Kapris, to take him back to Bomana without letting Kapris tell who the politicians are.
He even wants to talk privately with Kapris.
That is not his job.
He should have let his officers do the interrogations.
His recent actions have led to suspicion.
If he carries out his duty as he has vowed, then go after these politicians.
Otherwise, step down and let others do the job.


Frustrated citizen
Port Moresby