Baki denies Kapris’ revealing interview

National, Normal


POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki denied knowledge of a police interview in which robbery suspect William Kapris allegedly named politicians involved in his escape on Jan 12.
Mr Baki also called on the media to be responsible when reporting a “confidential police interview”.
A front page report by The National on Tuesday about this interview caused a stir in Parliament when Public Enterprises Minister Arthur Somare gave notice to move a motion to refer The National to the parliamentary privileges committee.
The minister wanted the committee to force The National to publish the names of the politicians who were allegedly involved.
But Mr Somare’s bid to move a motion did not eventuate yesterday afternoon as Parliament did not have the quorum to sit for the afternoon session.
The Angoram MP was present in the chamber when Parliament was adjourned.
In a statement issued in the afternoon, Mr Baki called on the media to be more responsible and professional.
“These allegations were supposedly made by Kapris in what was supposed to be a confidential police interview.
“But it is highly improper and premature at this stage for such allegations to be published in the media.
“They only serve to ridicule our leaders and cast doubt on their credibility, moral status and social standing without any basis whatsoever.
“As a citizen of Papua New Guinea, Kapris can say anything.
“However, we, meaning the media and police, all have moral obligations to further examine and investigate what he says before either commenting or taking further action.
“Rumours have been running wild about the alleged involvement of politicians in Kapris’ alleged criminal activities.
“However, I, as Commissioner of Police, have not received any brief whatsoever on these allegations supposedly made by Kapris.
“If there is such a report, I have not seen it,” he said.