Baki eyes taking policing task force nationwide


THE Police Policing Police Task Force will be extended nationwide if it is successful in Port Moresby, Police Commissioner Gari Baki says.
Baki, said the unit was set up late last year to assist with investigating allegations against constabulary members.
“We have the Internal Affairs to deal with this but the unit was set up to help the public in getting fast response,” Baki said.
“The Police Policing Police Task Force is also working closely with them (Internal Affairs), with the Special Service Division and other units to ensure that response is done in an instant.
“So far, since it was set up, the unit has made 133 arrests of which 42 are members of the constabulary.”
“Some have already been convicted and are now serving time at the Bomana Correctional Institution.
“Some are still being investigated.”
Baki said that he would use the NCD Police Policing Police Task Force as a stepping stone.
If successful, it would be extended nationwide to ensure that police constables do what they were supposed to do.
“I am very happy with their work,” Baki said.
“Currently there are 35 officers in the Police Policing Police Task Force unit and they have done a very good job.’
“I will be giving these officers, as part of the incentives, promotional ranks.”