Baki must not visit Kapris

Letters, Normal

I URGE Police Commissioner Gari Baki not to visit William Kapris at the maximum security compound at Bomana jail.
It is good that he cancelled the visit.
He should direct his chief of crimes to let detectives to continue their interviews to complete the process.
This would be in the interest and for the betterment of ordinary citizens of this country and for all those concerned.
The police commissioner must maintain the high status and integrity of his office and expose whoever is involved in this high-profile incident.
If those found to have been involved should be brought to light, so be it as justice must be seen to have been served to protect the image of PNG.
After all, it is vital the people of Papua New Guinean show trust and confidence in the police force.
As this is happening in Mr Baki’s term in office, the records will speak for themselves in many years and generations to come.


Philip Solala