Bala: Help yourself then seek handouts

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The National, Wednesday 5th June 2013


WARDS and local level governments should not depend on the Government to provide services because they will be disappointed, a woman leader says.

President of the Central Provincial Council of Women Laeko Bala said community members should use their initiatives to get projects done.

“For example, if an aid post is needed, each member can contribute at least a log or two to get the project off its feet,” she said.

“Or they can provide logistics or manpower to get going.

“You do whatever you can and then ask your MPs or the Government to provide you with what you don’t have.

“They will come to your aid if they see that you are serious. 

“That is why everyone must work together to bring development into their community instead of waiting for free handouts for years until the sky falls on us.”

Bala also believes that ward councillors must be trained and prepared for their posts to facilitate development.

“We need to help them at that level to enable them to come up with their own development programmes,” she said.

“We have 205 wards in Central and I will make sure that 410 trained women representatives are placed, two to each ward to train the new councillors who will be elected in six days’ time.

“They will also collect bio-data there so as to provide demographic statistics to the Government to help plan and budget for projects.

“I urge all women in other provinces to do the same.”