Ball in Govt’s court: LLG chief

National, Normal

THE ball is now in the Government’s court to deliver outstanding MoA after the signing of LBBSA, Komo LLG president Thomas Potape said yesterday.
Mr Potape said the people had cooperated with the Government from day one to the completion of the LBBSA for the gas project to go ahead.
“The people and leaders of Komo have supported the Government and were happy to sign the agreement and the Government must reciprocate and make us happy.”
He said a project funding submission had been made to the Government after the UBSA in Kokopo.
Mr Potape said the submission was for K6.7 million for the council chamber and K17.6 million for the rehabilitation of eight schools in the area.
He said submissions had been made for the construction of a district office, police station and public servants housing to prepare for the gas project early works.
“However, the submissions are gathering dust in Waigani while the LBBSA in project areas were being completed.
“Komo is the heart of the LNG project and we believe the Government and developer have enough money to assist the 27,000 people of Komo,” he said.
Mr Potape raised concerns with early works to start from Komo, there would not be any infrastructure such as council chamber and district office for people to sit down, discuss and plan for the project on the ground.
“We have no house to sit and make decisions. Do they expect us to sit on the ground to watch the multi-billion dollar project taking shape?”
He said human resource development was the top priority and the people had made a submission of K17.6 million for the rehabilitation of eight schools including one secondary school, three top-up primary schools and four community schools.
“These schools must have uniforms for the children, school truck for administration, generator for power and computers for students.”
He said school fees for the children must also be met by the Government and developer.