Ballot boxes for Chimbu recount safe in Goroka

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Electoral Commission Patilias Gamato says ballot boxes for the Chimbu Regional seat recount are safe in Goroka after being taken by road from Kundiawa yesterday.
He denied claims by Chimbu Governor Michael Dua that there had been tampering.
Gamato said his deputy Simon Sinai, who was in Goroka, said both candidates had eight boxes each and not 11 as claimed by Dua
“According to the election manager for Chimbu, both candidates have eight boxes each and alleged stories have no basis and are misleading,” Sinai said.
Gamato said when a count was ordered for recount by the court, it means that there was a flaw.
“That is why new officials are appointed to go in and recount ,using the electoral counting process,” he said.
“Any such allegations will have to wait until the appointed RO (returning officer) does his job.”
Dua said the recount could not continue, claiming the ballot boxes had been tempered with and that he would take the matter to court.
Meanwhile, a truck carrying the ballot boxes arrived in Goroka before midday yesterday.
A long convoy of vehicles, supporters of Dua and Kool, were led by police.
The truck was directed to Goroka Police Station where Goroka police and Goroka-based Mobile Squad 14 received the boxes.
Mt Hagen and Kerowagi mobile squads blocked off all entrance into Kundiawa at 5.30am yesterday before the truck with the ballot boxes left for Goroka.
Members of the security forces, Chimbu administrator Michael Temai and a team of senior public servants joined the convoy.
Goroka police have warned Chimbus in town in no uncertain terms to behave or be removed.