Ballot papers wet

National, Normal

NEARLY all the ballot papers for the Kandep by-election are wet as the polling was conducted under rain last month.
Returning officer Simon Sinai said to dry ballot papers took up at least one to two hours before counting began.
He said the polling were conducted in Kandep during wet days, therefore, the ballot papers were wet.
The wet condition of the papers has added pressure to counting officials who are tasked to finalise the counting at the return of writs which is due before 4:06pm tomorrow.
According to Mr Sinai and counting officials, the primary counts might be completed tomorrow.
Officials from Hela, Madang and Morobe initially engaged were working around the clock to get the counting done on time and before the return of writs.
Other delays experienced in the counting were caused by counting officials over allowances, and disputes over the selection of ballot boxes by scrutineers.