Balob students receive fee aid

Lae News, Normal

STUDENTS from the Jimi Open electorate in Western Highlands province, attending Balob Teachers College in Lae, received a timely sponsorship package yesterday.
The students received a cheque for K20,000 for school fees from their MP Wake Goi at the college staff room.
Mr Goi when presenting the cheque thanked the college administration for allowing him to sponsor the education of students from his electorate.
College principal Mulung Kumed thanked Mr Goi for helping address the students’ needs.
Mr Goi began the sponsorship last year with K10,000 for two students Jimmy Parim and Jack Goi who are now in their final year of studies.
This year the sponsorship was awarded to two additional students – Mikes Meckson and Robert Walep who are first year students.
Jack Goi in representing the four students thanked Mr Goi for his assistance in helping to develop human resource in the district.