Balob Teachers College free of corruption

Letters, Normal

THE letter “Balob’s Entry Test is a Waste of Time,” is written by an insider of the college (The National, Jan 19). The officer should be ashamed of himself as he is one of those people who had approved these names for enrollment. He is not clean as he claims to be.
Balob has gone through a lot of difficult times to come about to rid of corruption involved in enrollment and credit must be given to the deputy principal- academic. The test is not a waste of time nor is it done with impropriety. He should look at the names of those candidates and see the linguistic similarities the names have with his own name. Then he should shut  up and do his job to educate whoever is enrolled through this strident process. He also has some cases to answer as terminated students were awarded their diplomas last year under very suspicious circumstances.
An investigation is currently underway and he should be wary of his own doing than to open his mouth for something that is done in a very transparent manner to curb corruption at Balob. He should do well to look at staff immorality, drunken behvariour, and over spending.
Balob is better than ever before.
His article is an insignificant grumble by a small boy to gain recognition.

Staff member,
Lae, Morobe province