Balob unfair in fee increas

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

THE rise in tuition fees this year at Balob Teachers College is unfair to me, my colleagues and our parents.
Students on Hecas will pay K2,910, up from K1,600, and self-paying students K4,800, up from K3,000.
These are huge increases of 82% and 60% respectively which also go beyond the maximum school fees set by the National Education Board (NEB) as advertised in The National, page 21, on Dec 29 last year.
I know the college is experiencing water and power crisis but that’s our problem.
Students should not be asked to pay such an increase to offset outstanding bills of the college.
I appeal to the principal Mr Kumed to discuss the matter with his staff and comply with the fee set by the NEB.
Don’t be surprised, if there is a boycott of classes over this issue.


Amos Torea