Balthazar gives K8,000 to Jiwaka women’s group

National, Normal

The National, Monday 05th December 2011

NEW Correctional Service Commissioner Marthin Balthazar presented a cheque for more than K8,000 to the Dange Karapa women’s Associations at Tolu village, Banz, Jiwaka, last month.
The cheque presentation was a follow-up commitment made by the previous commissioner and the minister in 2010 during their Highlands rural lockup tour.
They committed K8,279.60 for extensions of power lines, sewing machines and wiring the new association building.
Balthazar said many commitments made by the former government had not been met but the O’Neill-led government had taken action to meet those commitments.
“We are presenting the cheque to show you that we have heart for the people and would like to support the projects that will support your association,” he said. 
Balthazar said the new province needed small projects to boost the economy and urged the youths to avoid doing illegal activities like smoking drugs and drinking homebrew and to concentrate on starting small sustainable projects.
He thanked the Jiwaka Transitional Authority committee’s for its support for the new jail projects and assured them he would work with government to get the projects off the ground.
Balthazar said in Baisu jail, prisoner figures had gone done by 50% and it showed that community efforts to tackle crime were having effect.
Danage Karepa Women’s Association leader Regina Kanaza thanked Balthazar for coming to the village to see the project areas and where money would be spent.
She urged the government to appoint such good leaders in all departments to provide services to the grassroots people.
Karepa presented a bilum and big hat to Balthazar to show their support.
Former Jiwaka Transitional Authority chairman Philip Kapal welcomed and thanked Balthazar for the visit to Jiwaka as the CS Commissioner.