Ban alcohol, not lamb flaps

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 6, 2011

RECENTLY, the parliamentary committee on health and family welfare chairman Peter Iwei and committee member Jamie Maxtone-Graham proposed that lamb flaps be banned from our shores.
They claimed lamb flap is one of the main causes of lifestyle diseases.
It is the cheapest, most affordable and easily accessible protein available to mostly grassroots.
Lamb flap is rarely on the table of parliamentarians and other “big shots” and, yet, look at the bellies of these well-fed people.
The big shots eat the quality beef, lamb, chic­ken, processed food and other expensive food stuff.
Compare them to the poor grassroots who cannot afford to buy choice cut meat but are forced to eat lamb flaps.
The poor do not have pot bellies and look fitter.
As such, I do not believe lamb flap is the main cause of lifestyle diseases.
As far as I can recall, there is no proper study into the grassroots people’s lifestyle and diet to tell us that many of them die from eating lamb flaps.
They die from other factors like poor access to piped water, malaria, typhoid, cancer, etc; hardly from lifestyle diseases.
Many of our elites die from heart and lifestyle diseases not caused by lamb flaps but from eating processed food and drinking liquor.
Maxtone-Graham would do well to seriously consider a bill to ban beer and all forms of alcohol, not lamb flaps.


Richerd Max
Port Moresby