Ban all forms of plastics


THE total ban on plastic bags that is now in effect is applauded.
I would like to suggest that the ban is imposed on all plastic products and not on plastic bags alone.
One only needs to go down the Motuan villages of Lealea, Papa and see what impact the plastics have on the sea environment.
Or stand beside some of the main drains of Port Moresby after the rains and see what has clogged the main causeways of the drains.
Indeed the clogging materials are plastics of all sorts, whether in bags or bottle forms.
Even plastic forks and knives are contributing to the hazards of this one city.
What about the other cities and towns of this blessed nation?
Some thoughts I have for consideration for the beautification of this country are to ban all plastic materials.
In the transition period, build six or eight powerful incinerators in the regions of PNG to burn all plastic wastes.
I know this will not go down well with environmental groups.
We still have a lot of trees, bamboos and other plants in our virgin forests that will gladly take in the emitted gas from this burning exercise.
So much has been said about carbon trade but have yet to see it transpiring into cash.
How else do we rid our nation of plastics?
Ban all forms of plastics then collect and burn what is now deemed rubbish.

Franck Gamezuho,

One thought on “Ban all forms of plastics

  • thank you for the ban. i can start seeing cleanliness on our streets. let give a year from now and see the results.

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