Ban lifted, then re-imposed

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THE Bulolo district lifted a six-month liquor ban and immediately re-imposed it.
When the six-month ban ended last week, women’s groups and the six LLG leaders of the district raised grave concerns when alcohol related problems suddenly sprouted up again.
They forced the district to re-impose the ban on Monday, when Morobe Governor Luther Wenge was in town for the signing of the memorandum of agreement with MMJV and the landowners on royalty sharing.
Mr Wenge gave the green light and the district re-imposed the ban on Tuesday at its meeting at the Bulolo council chamber.
Bulolo-Wau (Bulwa) mayor Jack Sheriff Nawi said the behaviour of drunkards was affecting the peace of the majority.
“We would now have to use the scarce resources for policing this petty-minded people,” he said.
“People need to grow up and realise that alcohol abuse is bad for their health and bad for their social conduct.
“When they cannot realise that, we have to stop them from having alcohol.
“It is a real pity that we have to be tough on people to make them realise what is good for them and everybody else,” Mr Nawi said.
He said the provincial liquor licencing office was ineffective because of lack of resources so the district had to act.
“Law and order is rife in all other districts as well but resources to address the root cause are very limited,” provincial administrator Kemas Tomala said .
“To address social disorder issues a team effort is needed. The communities and their leaders in various civil organisations, law and order agencies and the government have to collectively address the issue, if we need to see economy activities grow in our areas.”