Ban must take a more holistic approach

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 FIRSTLY, I congratulate and thank Governor Powes Parkop for taking a bold stand by banning betel nuts.

You have my support all the way. 

I also thank New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan for planning to ban buai in Kavieng and public places. 

Sir Julius has called  on other towns and cities to follow suit.

I  thank Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga for going along with Parkop and banning buai from Konedobu police headquarters. 

I am sure many other leaders will join hands in the fight to ban buai for a good cause. 

If we stand together over this, we will see changes in PNG. 

Vision 2050 highlights that we should be a smart, wise, healthy and happy society by then. 

It is a plan that everyone in the country must take ownership of and work towards so that PNG can stand tall in the eyes of the international community. 

With that, I would like all leaders in the government, churches and communities to support Parkop.

I suggest a more holistic approach in the following areas:

  • The Education Department should join in and ensure parents and students agree that children will not chew betel nuts, smoke marijuana or drink alcohol during their school years;
  • the Health Department should speak out and raise awareness about the dangers of betel nuts chewing;
  • the Police Department should recruit individuals who will sign a covenant not to chew buai or drink alcohol for the period of their service, failing which, they will be terminated and;
  • public servants must stop chewing buai at work. 

It looks disgusting when lawmakers, teachers, lawyers, children and students chew betel nuts and make their teeth black like watermelon seeds. 

However, the point is to get rid of the rubbish and improve the faces of our main cities and towns because they are truly very dirty when compared to other cities and towns in the world. 


Watchful citizen

Port Moresby