Ban on alcohol extended for a year

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 07th Febuary 2012

THE ban on the sale of alcohol in Lae city and surrounding parts of Wampar in Huon Gulf and Labuta in Nawaeb district has been extended for a year.
The extension of the ban is from Feb 1 to Jan   31 next year after the Morobe provincial liquor licensing board submitted a three-month assessment report on the city being declared a fighting zone. 
But because of technicalities, the provincial cabinet delayed the alcohol ban extension until it was approved and signed by Governor Luther Wenge.
It took effect from 4pm yesterday under section 27 of the Liquor Licensing Act (2003).
While releasing the Morobe Liquor Licensing Commission report Gazette No 01/2012, chairman Bob Singoling warned rural alcohol outlet owners from the nine districts to heed the ban.
 “Owners of rural area liquor outlets are warned not to negotiate and do liquor transactions on behalf of owners in city,” Singoling said.
He said investigations showed some rural alcohol traders were buying stocks and selling them on behalf of people who owned outlets in Lae city.
“Anyone found doing that would have his liquor licence suspended.
“On top of that they have to pay a fine of K1,000 as well,” Singoling said. 
The alcohol ban was imposed on respective class of licenses and specific licensed premises indicated in Schedule A and B.
Schedule A includes all store keepers (takeaways) and taverns.
That includes all takeaways in the Lae urban area, Ahi, Markham and Yalu Bridge down to 5-Mile, and Bumayong to Situm.
The taverns include Parapat, 4-Mile community, Kanda, PSY, Y2K Pumkin, Naine, ATN, Malabu Haus, Uni-Gate community, Momase and Kang Yang in the Lae city vicinity. 
In Schedule B those exempted were publicans, limited hotels, taverns, restaurants and clubs located in central business areas.
Singoling said the outcome of the ban “will determine either to allow or do away with liquor sales in Lae city from next year onwards”.