Ban on betel nuts is the best decision by City Hall

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 THE NCDC’s move to ban betel nuts is the best thing to have come out of City Hall. 

Those who oppose the ban have nothing constructive to offer to help improve the image and the outlook of the capital and nation. 

It is ludicrous to say or suggest that the ban will greatly affect some people’s livelihoods. 

Betel nuts selling is not, has not, and will never be, an activity that anyone can be tied to, to earn a living in Port Moresby. 

Those who have been in this business, must now search within themselves to realise their true God-given talents and potential and use that energy to become more industrious. They should venture into something which is healthy and meaningful.

We are all blessed with certain talents. This is a great country, and it is time to expose our potential and use our great blessings for the betterment of ourselves. 

The buai ban should be a blessing in disguise for the affected buai sellers because now they can discover the baker in them, the craftsman in them, the artist, musician and chef, for example.

Hence, the obvious chain reaction would be that those who were once chronic chewers, will start putting their money where its worth, like on locally-created arts and crafts for their homes and on a variety of good food.

Those who cannot cope with the ban can go back home and till  their land and do things which can be more profitable. 

It is through hard work and commitment that one will get the attention of the government for further assistance.

I would like to thank Governor Powes Parkop and his team.  I am optimistic that positive changes to the city will add value to this grand policy.


Stanley Baroro

Port Moresby