Ban on public gatherings

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LAE police will not allow more than 20 people gathering in public places at any one time, Snr Insp James Luan says.
Speaking on behalf of Commander Chief Supt Chris Kunyanban, he said police would not hesitate to arrest and charge those people.
Snr Insp Luan made it clear about gatherings as rumours circulated that a protest march was being planned by the public against pressure being applied to take the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination.
“We will not allow this to happen here,” he said of the march.
“Any gathering of such numbers of people are against the Covid-19 protocols and with the surge that we are experiencing now, we will not allow for that.”
Snr Insp Luan said anyone planning such a protest or gathering should stop.
Assistant Comm of Police (Northern) Peter Guinness said anyone found to be organising such a protest would be dealt with by law.
“That means those who organise such gatherings will be arrested and charged accordingly,” he said.
Meanwhile, Snr Insp Luan said that the suspect who was allegedly responsible for attacking three nurses and two support staff at West Taraka health centre on Friday could not be found.
“People living at Banana Block settlement met with police on Saturday to identify the suspect (a drunkard) and are working closely with us to arrest the suspect,” he said, adding that the suspect was known to police.