Ban provincial days


THE cultural days celebrations in National Capital District is seen as a waste of time and money.
Even though we choose to celebrate and to showcase our cultural uniqueness, we are creating a division among ourselves.
How can PNG become a strong sovereign nation if we are not united? Such mentality is not healthy for the nation’s growth.
Let’s all do away with all these provincial days celebration and observe only Sept 16, the date in which PNG was declared independent.
Creating a division among ourselves is not a good sign as a Melanesians.
Please my call to those leaders in NCD, next time ban all other provincial day celebration except the Sept 16th.

Nenakae A. Junior


  • Provincial day is nepotism. Sepik for sepik, madang for madang and so on. We dont think about our other country men and women. Provincial day create division among provinces. The Russians fight for their mother land and not for their provinces or states.
    So do away with this provicial day thing.

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