Ban sex education is silly

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I REFER to your report “Ban sex education, lawyers meet told” (Dec 6).
I have heard of many ridiculous suggestions by the leaders of this country, but to ban sex education?
Is the good doctor serious?
We cannot ban sex education and this proposal will not help the country one bit.
I grew up in Port Moresby and I am sure that it is the same in other parts of PNG that school children will find out about sex sooner or later, whether from their parents, school or their peers.
I think that it would be better if children get proper sex education from people who are trained to teach it than from their peers.
When a child reaches puberty, they are actually sexually mature.
And to leave this vital part of information out from their education is really robbing them of some things they need to know about adulthood.
We do not live in an ideal world, there are things in this world that we cannot control and the only way to contain such things like sex before marriage and transmission of STIs is proper education.
We need to arm our youths with the knowledge they need to make the right educated choices on their journey to adulthood.


Port Moresby