Band launches latest song, website


THE Wame Blood band of Kutubu, Southern Highlands, launched its latest song titled Soro in Port Moresby, last Sunday.
It was recorded under the Staggah Jah Productions and features artists such as rapper Sprigga Mek, songwriter Gaix from Staggahjah and Archie Tarzy.
Band chairman and lead singer Jonny Yawari said the video was shot in Kutubu and Port Moresby.
Soro is the name of a river sourced from Lake Kutubu.
Soro connects Wara Tagale to Biwa Falls. The song basically tells the story about a couple who went fishing in the Soro River and never came back.
Their son waited for their return.
“The reason we have done the first launching is that we (the band) have grown, created our own website which will be completed by June 8 so that the video of the song and our future videos can be properly unloaded on our website and be linked through our Facebook page and YouTube account,” Yawari said. “Media has been a big part of our rise to where we are and we are so grateful for that,” he said.

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