Bando will do the job

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 HELA is in a development phase and lacks an administrator to run its provincial affairs.

Provincial administrators are like managers in organisations who oversee and run the show.

Hela has many mining and petroleum projects and we cannot blindly appoint an administrator who is not from the province.

It would be hard for such a person to do a good job.

The person should be someone who actually started from the beginning as he would be in a better position to move the province forward.

Hela has much to offer its people and the nation and we should careful to ensure that all is done well.

I am sure most of the Hela tertiary students throughout the country would not hesitate to support the former chief executive officer in the Hela Transitional Autho-rity, William Bando, for the post.

He showed real concern towards the development of human re-sources during his two-year term.


Edward Toto 

Port Moresby