Bands are a sleeping giant


THE Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Central Band was established in Asaka campus and is one of the top bands in Japan.
They normally have annual concerts mid-year which attract tourist around the world to attend this two hour concert in Tokyo Metropolitan Hall.
People come from different parts of the world to watch that concert.
The hall is always packed with seating done in three sections – VIPs at the top while the rest have the middle and lower sections.
The band plays a significant role in promoting Japanese music, culture which create avenue for the tourism hap.
The bands performance is like the State of Origin (rugby league) where Papua New Guineans and those from other countries that have moved to either state (Qld or NSW) tune in to watch.
The moment people move to a particular area for such events they indirectly empower economy in that particular region.
State-funded bands like Police Band, PNGDF Military Band and CIS band are sleeping giants that should be proactive and innovative in their roles by organising marching festivals and other concert that make an impact in the tourism industry rather than continue to rely on tax payers.
The Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Band plays a significance role in hosting concerts annually that attract tourist whole year around in which it bring economic benefits to the tourism Industry.
Individual members has been practicing and prepare over lengthy period to perform at such big concerts apart from normal ceremonial duties.

Niki Aina