Bank adds new dimension to students’ banking needs

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

 AS the small medium enterprise summit got underway at the Divine Word University campus in Madang, Bank South Pacific added on its own show outside the auditorium.

BSP Madang branch marketing officers brought their services to the university where many students were able to open Sumatin (student) accounts and register for mobile banking services yesterday.

Training officer Samuel Ray said the bank was also making the public in Madang aware of BSP’s new product called Wantok money. 

Ray said the new service enabled customers to send money to relatives and friends through mobile phones.

“The person you are sending money to does not need to have a bank account; he or she can easily withdraw money you send at any ATM using his mobile phone,” he said.

Ray said the recipient would be requested to enter four codes and if he or did not act in 24 hours it would decline.

He said the money deposited would be returned to the sender if the recipient did not withdraw it within 150 days.

Cash agencies, BSP rural outlets, 12 ATMs and more than 800 Eftpos machines were available in the province for people to use and charges were cheaper than using the branch services.