Bank, district partner to assist parents


THE East New Britain Savings and Loans Society (ENBSL) was given K300,000 by the Gazelle administration for a school fee loan assistance scheme in Kerevat last Wednesday.
The money was given as an initial payment to ENBSL who would then give out school fee loans at one per cent under the subsidy programme.
The agreement with ENBSL was for the programme to give an opportunity for the district’s people to have access to fund school fees.
Gazelle MP Jelta Wong said the programme targeted people in the wards.
Wong said the criteria would be put out and letters would be sent to wards informing the people of the programme.
He said after the applicants met the requirements, it would be passed to the local level government (LLG) presidents before it reached the district administration and ENBSL to facilitate.
“ENBSL is the best bank because of the services, rates and packages it offers to the people,” he said.
“People in the ward levels must utilise this programme.”
Gazelle administrator Allan Balbal said providing school fee assistance was part of the national government’s policy.
Balbal said that was a way forward in achieving Vision 2050.
ENBSL member service and branch support team leader Shirley Kabavas said her management was pleased to carry out the service.

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